New construction

We bring you our extensive experience.

We have over 12 years experience in Ibiza in construction, coordination, working with power systems, water facilities, kitchens, general and thermal insulation, painting and gardening. We cover all the necessary tasks until turnkey. We build both, traditional and with new materials, such as YTONG or Neopor, depending on the desire of the client and architect details.

We provide timely adjustments in all phases of the work to turnkey, so no surprises or unnecessary costs or delay. If not reside on the island, we like to keep up with pictures so you can see all the materials and review construction activity. You will perform a complete remote monitoring.

The delivery time and cost savings are guaranteed by optimal overall management.
We work closely with lawyers and architects who have lived a long time in Ibiza, and streamline as much as possible to obtain the necessary licenses.