Improve the quality of life and save energy consumption. Under these assumptions works Ibi Bau Technik. We have launched this year a pioneering project in Ibiza: building solid homes using new ecological materials and improving the quality of life (and the pocket) of its inhabitants.
One of his secrets is the use of celular concrete blocks YTONG. These blocks act as thermal insulators and are able to maintain a constant temperature in both winter and summer, so that the tenant can save over 50 percent on heating and air conditioning.
But this is just one of its many advantages. Also have greater resistance to fire as well as earthquakes. Its composition is one hundred percent mineral, so it is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly material, which does not happen with current supplies. Get more than traditional block soundproofing. And finally, its porous composition allows absorb and remove moisture from inside the house.
A particularly important virtue in the island. All this contributes to greater climate comfort and improve sanitation in homes. We also use other novel for removing moisture from the house such as membranes FIRESTONE special rubber materials. Are used as insulation in the ceilings and come with 25 years warranty on ensuring that moisture will not appear whatsoever.
The IntelliGlass windows are another of our star products. Its dual glass allows for another efficient method of heating and air conditioning at home. This is achieved through thermal regulation that seeks water trapped in the double glazing.
Ibi  Bau Technik customers have the advantage of being able to easily calculate how much it will cost to build your home. And the final price will probably surprise you pleasantly.
The key to achieve such competitive prices is our agreement with the manufacturers of the materials, foreigners sometimes, bypassing intermediaries.

The price for one of our Ytong homes goes from 900 / m2 to 1,200 / m2. Includes: House built with cellular concrete blocks, floor, main door, interior doors, full windows, plumbing, electrical installation, full toilet and kitchen.

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